Dr. Giselher Dombach, MBA

[one_third last="no"] Dr. Giselher Dombach, MBA CEO GEDcom AG Managing Director von Groote Dombach GmbH [/one_third] [two_third last="no"] [/two_third] [separator top="10" style="dotted"] Dr. Giselher Dombach 2000-2013: CEO GEDcom AG Since 2013: Managing Director of Groote Dombach GmbH Activities: Founding and leading a corporation, which focuses on competitive and protective intelligence. Foundation of a company and heading it as managing director that supports international clients in negotiation management. Engagement in fragile states in MENA and wider Middle East as well as in Iran. Deployment as Lieutenant Colonel of the Reserve in KOSOVO and leading a department in an international staff in AFGHANISTAN. Expertise Focus of Consulting Competence MENA-area, wider Middle East as well as Sub Sahara and Iran Establishment of Risk Management Organizations in fragile countries Memberships Political-Military Society (PMG), Berlin German Arabic Society (DAG), Berlin References Several assignments as lecturer at German and international universities (Switzerland, Egypt, Vietnam, China) in international negotiation and crisis management References in consulting on request Languages German, English, Arabic (Egyptian dialect) Speakers Fee On request Contact ISPSW Giesebrechtstr. 9 10629 Berlin Germany phone: +49 (0)30 88918905 fax: +49 (0)30 88918906 eMail: info@ispsw.de web: www.ispsw.de