The Institute

The Institute for Strategic, Political, Security and Economic Consultancy (ISPSW) which is located in Berlin, is a private institute for research and consultancy run by its owner. The ISPSW is objective and task oriented and is above party politics.

Its Staff

In an ever more complex international environment of globalized economic processes and worldwide political, ecological, social and cultural change, bringing major opportunities but also risks, decision-makers in enterprises and politics depend more than ever before on the advice of highly qualified experts. Such advice can provide not only proposals to settle individual problems and matters of detail, but also practical orientation to bring about integral solutions.

The ISPSW has a staff of proven experts who have worked – in some cases for decades – in executive positions and possess a wide range of experience in their respective specialist areas.

Among the staff members and consultants of the ISPSW there are civil and military executives. They are members of the Strategic Community and are in a worldwide dialogue with leading Think Tanks.

Our range of services

1. Strategic Analyses

The ISPSW is specialized in delivering strategic analyses and advice indispensable for future-oriented decision-makers in enterprises and politics. Priority regions are the Asia-Pacific area, particularly the People’s Republic of China, the crisis zones of the Middle East, the Russian Federation and the Community of Independent States (CIS), Southern Africa, Latin America, the European Union and its neighboring regions.

2. Security Consultancy

Since every industrial sector is essentially profit-oriented, it will tend to concentrate almost exclusively on the primary production factors – capital, know-how and resources.

In doing so, it may fail to take adequate account of other factors, such as ecological, political, social and security issues affecting acquisition, production and personnel management. Including these factors in a forward-looking management strategy may help avoid huge financial losses.

In this context the ISPSW offers target group oriented lectures, symposia and seminars. The ISPSW also offers special individual consultations on security issues relating to personnel, organization and communication.

3. Executive Coaching

To achieve maximum efficiency decision-makers need not only up-to-date, specialized information, but also the continuous development of their personal skills. Often, projects run aground or decisions are deferred because an executive has become bogged down.

The ISPSW therefore offers executives not only strategic briefings on situations, but also – through individual coaching – opportunities to discuss staff development and personal development.

4. Intercultural competency

In business and politics a well thought-out project is not in itself a sufficient guarantee of success. The human factor is at least as important. The number of business agreements and project plans that have failed because the cultural particularities of a region, a people or an institution were not sufficiently respected in negotiations is greater than is generally known.

For this reason the ISPSW offers intensive individual coaching during which specific information, experience and appropriate modes of conduct for different target regions are imparted.

In concrete terms the ISPSW is offering the following types of analysis and coaching:

Executive Briefings

  • Strategic and security policy related analyses of situations including risk assessment
  • Country analyses
  • Personal and material security advice
  • Expertise in the field of the international fight against terrorism and international crisis management

Executive Coaching

  • Individual coaching in case of leadership related problems. Personal development coaching
  • Intercultural management and appropriate conduct at international executive level
  • Advice on how to make contacts and help providing contacts with executives in the target areas or institutions (e.g. the EU)

The product portfolio is tailored to the needs of the customer.

Our work is based on the principles of confidentiality and discretion.