dombachDr. Giselher Dombach, MBA


MENA-area, wider Middle East as well as Sub Sahara and Iran
Establishment of risk management organizations in fragile countries

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Dr. Josef Braml

Senior Fellow Foresight USA
German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP)

American geo-economics and geopolitics
Transatlantic relations and American views on world order
US security, energy, and trade policy
Economic and domestic factors for American foreign policy
Comparative governance studies

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Dr. Anne-Marie Schleich

Ambassador (rtd.)
Adjunct Senior Fellow with the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Nanyang Technological University Singapore

International politics and diplomacy
Political, strategic and economic developments in the Asia-Pacific region
ASEAN politics
International environmental policies

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fladerProf. Dr. Dieter Flader

Co-Director Berliner Institute
for Applied Human Studies
adjunct Professor at the Free University of Berlin

Communication in social institutions
Intercultural communication
Communication analysis of international arbitration in the field of energy
Research of bullying (an explanatory model of the constitution of bullying and suggestions for its prevention)

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fuchsDr. Wolfgang-Christian Fuchs

President International Association of Former
Political Prisoners and Victims of Communism

Long-term issues for the German security policy
The demographic development in parts of Europe as a cause of new confrontations
The threat from cyber space

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knoopDr. jur. Claas D. Knoop

Ambassador (ret.)

European Union (EU)
Relations Europe – Africa
Horn of Africa

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oberheitmannProf. Andreas Oberheitmann, Ph.D.

Director Research Center for International Environmental Policy (RCIEP)
Tsinghua University Beijing

Energy policy, esp. energy security policy in China and other East Asian countries
Environmental/climate protection policy, esp. in China and other East Asian countries
Regional analyses, esp. low carbon economy in cities
Foreign trade policy in East Asia
Development and growth policy in East Asia

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olshausenDr. Klaus Olshausen, Generalleutnant (ret.)

President Clausewitz Society and
Association of German Armed Forces Engineers

International politics, military diplomacy, military strategy
Geopolitical and geostrategic analyses and assessments
Multinational crisis management with civil and military means
NATO reform processes since the 1990ies
EU Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP), including conceptions and missions

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pilnyProf. Dr. Karl Pilny

Founder and Managing Director asia21 gmbH
Lawyer & Keynote Speaker
Professor for International Technology Transfer Management
Senior Investment Export

International financial & capital markets
Direct Investments, Equity Markets and M&A
International Law and Economics
Asia and New Markets
Geopolitics and strategy consulting
Energy, infrastructure and telecoms sector
Corporate, real estate and project finance
Intercultural Competence

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Dr. Peter Roell

Founder and President ISPSW

Political, economic and military developments in the Asia-Pacific region
Strategic analyses
Risk and threat assessments
International terrorism
Intercultural competence

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schneiderProf. Dr. Eberhard Schneider

University Koblenz-Landau, Mainz
Advisory Board Member EU-Russia
 Centre, Brussels
Vice President International Union of Economists St. Petersburg (IUECON)

Russian home and foreign affairs
Russian military and security politics
Russian elites

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thieleRalph D. Thiele

Chairman Political-Military Society
CEO StratByrd Consulting

Comprehensive security including situational awareness, critical infrastructure,
maritime domain security, event protection,
energy security, disaster response, cyber security
C4ISTAR including collaboration environments, space awareness, airborne capabilities, UAS
Security research, security policy
Post academic education

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vermeerProf. Dr. Manuel Vermeer

Founder and Owner Dr. Vermeer-Consult

South East Asia
Strategic consultancy
HR consultancy
Intercultural trainings for Europeans and Asians

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worcesterMaxim Worcester

Senior Advisor ISPSW

Corporate security and compliance
Cyber security
Risk assessment
Risk management
Security sector reform

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