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Timo Plutschinski

Chairman WEA Business Coalition

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Timo Plutschinski

The studied theologian Timo Plutschinski currently leads the Strategic Business Initiative at the World Evangelical Alliance, which represents some 600 million evangelical Christians worldwide in 129 countries. One of his key tasks is the strategic and project-related cooperation with the United Nations (UN), the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

In previous roles Timo Plutschinski served as managing director of a consulting firm and a Christian business association as well as an honorary lecturer at multiple institutions and universities in Berlin.


Macro-strategic Transformation Processes
Europe and the Christian Occident
Business & Ethics
Intercultural Conflict Management
Leadership Development and Value-orientation
Success Factor Network

Lecture topics (selection):
Why Economics & Society Need a Global Ethic
Europe Between Tradition and Innovation
What Leaders Can Learn from Jesus
Intercultural Conflict Management – the royal road of communication
Take the Lead with Values
The Challenges Facing Postmodern Europe in the 21st Century


Bildungs- und Wirtschaftsakademie Berlin
Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences Berlin
European Leadership Academy
Congress of Christian Leaders
Anglo-German Club Hamburg
Economic Empowerment Summit Brussels
African Leadership Forum Livingstone / Zambia
Sino-German Entrepreneur Forum Hangzhou / China
European Economic Summit Amsterdam
CBMC World Convention Orlando/USA
WEA International Leadership Forum Tegucigalpa/Honduras


German, English

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