Ralph D. Thiele

Chairman Political-Military Society
President EuroDefense (Deutschland)
CEO StratByrd Consulting

Ralph D. Thiele

Colonel (ret.) Thiele is Chairman of the Berlin based “Politisch-Militärische Gesellschaft” (Political-Military Society), President of EuroDefense (Germany) and CEO of StratByrd Consulting. In several decades of politico-military service he has gained an extensive broad political, technological, academic and military background. Ralph Thiele has studied business administration (MBA) and political science in Munich. In several commanding officer assignments he has developed valuable operational expertise. As Commander of the Bundeswehr Transformation Centre he has introduced Network Enabling Capabilities into the German Armed Forces. While serving in the personal staffs of the German Armed Forces Vice Chief of Defence Staff and the NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe, and in the Planning and Policy Staff of the German Minister of Defence, Ralph Thiele has been directly involved in numerous national, European and NATO strategic, technological and political issues.  In his academic assignments he has been Chef de Cabinet and Chief of Staff at the NATO Defense College in Rome and Director of Faculty at the German General Staff and Command College in Hamburg. He has also been involved in numerous national and European Security Research Programmes.
Ralph Thiele has published numerous books and articles and is lecturing widely in Europe, Asia, in the U.S. and Brazil on current comprehensive security affairs, network enabling technologies and also historical issues.


Comprehensive Security including Situational Awareness, Critical Infrastructure, Maritime Domain Security, Event Protection, Energy Security, Disaster Response, Cyber Security
C4ISTAR including Collaboration Environments, Space Awareness, Airborne Capabilities, UAS
Security Research, Security Policy
Post Academic Education
Business Development
Lead System Integration


Political-Military Society, Berlin
EuroDefense (Germany), Bonn
German Atlantic Association, Berli
Advisory Board Journal for Foreign and Security Policy, Cologne


Speaking engagements in Abu Dhabi, Beijing, Berlin, Brussels, Cologne, London, Naples, Paris, Rome, Sao Paolo, Seoul, Ulaanbaatar, Tokyo, Vienna, Washington
Cooperation Ventures with CSIS, Washington, and Center for Transatlantic Relations, Washington
Government Consultancy in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Mongolia
Industry Consultancy for global market leaders
Film Consultancy


German, English

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